Empowering students to stand up for their peers

Engaging bystanders is the key to disrupting the cycle of harm; making your school an even safer place to learn.

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Stymie promotes student wellbeing

We work with you to enable students to make anonymous notifications about themselves or their peers. Once the notification is made, the connected school receives the information via email, and responds according to their wellbeing framework. Stymie does not see or keep copies of your notifications.

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What schools are saying

Macksville High School, NSW Deputy Principal

Stymie gives our students the opportunity to do the right thing. It has empowered them to stand up for themselves, their friends and our entire school community.

Harristown State High School, QLD Deputy Principal

Stymie has become an integral part of how we support student emotional health and wellbeing at Harristown.

Highfields State Secondary College, QLD P&C President

Parents and students know that Stymie is reliable and confidential and that the message gets to the right people immediately so that action can be taken to support our students.

Students can use any internet-connected device to make a notification at any time

The web-app prompts students to write a short description of an incident involving harm. They can upload supportive screenshots of aggressive, threatening or harassing social media content or messages.

Stymie is a web application, meaning that students can access it via any internet browser. They do not have to download anything from a website or store.

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Connecting Bystanders with Empathy and Courage

In 87% of cases of harm, there are bystanders present. While some students may feel comfortable talking to teachers and their carers about harm and bullying, many don’t.

Stymie allows bystanders to remain anonymous, giving them the courage to overcome the fears and social pressures that prevent them from supportively speaking up. It also relieves feelings of helplessness for students who want to help themselves or their peers but don’t quite know how.

About Stymie

What does Stymie do for schools?

Every day 100,000 students stay at home because they feel worried about going to school. Stymie works with you, to empower your students as change agents by giving them the power to say something, making your school an even safer place to learn.

Existing schools report that students are using Stymie to support students with anxiety, suicide ideations, self-harm, sexual assault, bullying, family violence, harassment and harm to their communities.

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