Stymie's Guiding Principles

Our purpose is to provide proactive opportunities for young people in schools and clubs to say something when they observe or experience harm. We make a difference by building genuine relationships that are founded on the guiding principles below.

We make a difference by having EMPATHY

We are active listeners who are inclusive, kind and understanding. We focus on the positives. Each person is an individual who is also part of the group. We actively promote empowerment and continuous development in a supportive manner.

We make a difference by being COURAGE

We take responsibility, respectfully challenge the status quo, strive to have the difficult conversations and ask for what we need.

We make a difference with HONESTY

We earn trust by communicating directly, respectfully and fairly. We do the right thing with accountability and integrity. 

We make a difference by providing SAFETY

We protect ourselves, each other and those we serve, reliably focussing on wellbeing and welfare.
We operate proactively in safety critical environments. We won’t compromise on laws, rules or principles that are meant to keep people safe.